Scottish Farmer Breeds ‘Panda’ Lamb

The pandas at Edinburgh Zoo have become famous in recent months, with everyone wanting to get in on the action of celebrating their arrival. However, one farmer has gone further than anyone else in order to honour the new addition, by creating a whole new breed of sheep that bears an uncanny resemblance to the Zoo’s new residents. Jill Noble from Carlops, Peebleshire has successfully bred white lambs with black splotches on their coats, including one over each eye. Looking at the lambs’ faces, there is a definite resemblance to a panda and this is a very interesting development in the world of animal breeding.

Jill will not reveal the breeds of the lamb’s parents, however if you look at a picture of the new-born, after playing partypoker online when you have some free time, you can definitely tell that she has done something unusual. Jill has said that they are keeping the parents to themselves, however there is a bit of Icelandic as well as Scottish. They sell Icelandic lambs as they have a very attractive look, so she is expecting that there will be interest in this new breed that has been created.

Jill also said that they are calling it the ‘panda breed’ for obvious reasons and that everyone who has seen the lambs has been very impressed. While the first lamb of this new breed was born on April Fool’s Day, Jill has insisted that this is not a joke. She also breeds horses and cattle, so she should know something about breeding. The successful creation of this new breed of sheep will show the pandas a thing or two as despite many people paying close attention, they are still failing to mate themselves.

Crazy Weird Bust Commisioned

Salt Lake City, Utah – Bill and Joe Granhall were brothers born in Salt Lake City, UT in the late 20’s.  Born exactly one year apart they never seemed to get along and personality-wise were also complete opposites.  Bill was happy go lucky and a day dreamer while his brother Joe (the older brother) was always serious and studious.  They became business partners in 1944, opening a printing company.  The company was very successful and both men became millionaires many times over but they fought on a daily basis and hated each other.  This is a bust that Bill Granhall had commissioned just days before his brothers death and it was put on display at the funeral home during his burial.

Bill delivered they eulogy and stated, “My brother Joe was a difficult person to get along with and I think it was because he was constipated his whole life”