Ban on Bikinis?

Dominican Republic – A politician in the Dominican Republic wants to ban the bikini – on television at least.  Opposition congressman Nestor Julio Cruz Pichardo says the skimpy swimsuits are contrary to the tropical Caribbean country’s traditions and harm impressionable youngsters.

Yet Dominican resorts commonly lure visitors to the Caribbean’s top vacation destination with advertisements portraying bikini-clad women on white-sand beaches fringed with palms.

Bikinis also have become an increasingly common sight on Dominican television, whether in news shots of tourists sunning on the beach, daytime fashion shows or in soap operas.  The bill would set fines of up to $15,000 for broadcasters who violate the ban.

Cruz said Monday that images of women in revealing swimsuits “are limiting the intellect and deforming the vocational interests” of children in the Dominican Republic. It was not clear if Cruz had significant support from other legislators and besides that many Dominican women look very hot in bikinis!