Online TV offers television on your computer

I love surfing the web for weird news but sometimes I am in the mood to watch news on the TV. Ever thought of watching TV on your PC? It used to be possible only if you had the right hardware and connection for it. But now this is different. Internet is really changing and the way we use it as well. New services evolve every day and one of such is Online TV. If you don’t have a television near your computer and if you still want to watch it, this is the perfect thing for you. Service is called Online TV and it has over 380 TV channels you can watch on your PC. Channels are sorted in categories, such as news, sports, entertainment, business, educational, movies, music, reality and more.

If you open multiple windows you can watch as many channels as you want at once! Or you can have a music channel playing in the background while you work. Bottom line is that you can get most of your entertainment from the web but having the option to watch TV is great!

YouTube Fun

If you are like me and you see it is a slow day for weird news I always turn to my trusty backup and spend my leisure hours watching funny videos from You Tube. Sometime you can find the most incredible movies there. I personally like all the ones where folks do crazy and cool stunts (see the video below). Once there was a video of this urbran climber who went around the city climbing everything in sight, he was amazing!