Cool Bike – Kinda

Here is the ultimate bike which converts into a campfire!  It allegedly took 55 year old Peijia Wu, from Shandong province 3 months to build this interesting look bike.  100% wood!

Cool Wooden Bike

5 Funny Old Ads

I really enjoy looking at old ads and ordered a few from eBay a few years back and framed them.  Here are some of my fav’s

funny old drug ad

funny old food ad

old sexist ad

funny old ad

Google Earth Exposes Big Penis

It seems an English Lord was having a bit of fun on his roof top helipad.  He painted a huge pecker there to amuse his friends and family when he flew them to the countryside estate.  Now Google earth has made it public and the UK Government has threatened to sue him if it is not removed.

largest penis in England