Sound Wave Powered Phones?

OMG, this technology would be perfect for my girlfriend who has her cell phone permanently glued to her ear and is always low on battery.  Just imagine a self-powering cell phone that never needs to be charged because it converts your own sound waves into the energy it needs to keep running. It’s not as far-fetched as it may seem thanks to the recent work of Tahir Cagin, a professor in the Artie McFerrin Department of Chemical Engineering at Texas A&M University.

Amazing materials known in scientific circles as “piezoelectrics,” Cagin, whose research focuses on nanotechnology, has made a significant discovery in the area of power harvesting – a field that aims to develop self-powered devices that do not require replaceable power supplies, such as batteries.

I nominate my yappy girlfriend as the first beta tester for these.

Cyborg Eye Implant Wanted

Tanya Vlach, a San Francisco-based artist, lost her eye in a 2005 car accident, and now keeps a blog chronicling the “monocular life.” She’s got a real-enough looking prosthetic peeper, but Tanya’s a self-described “sci-fi geek,” and, with the approval of her doctor, she’s put out a call for engineers to build her a camera… for her fake eye.

Likening her possible future self (the one with the eye-cam installed) to a cyborg, Tanya reasons that her aesthetic-only eye could become a source of “augmented reality,” and she’s got a list of possible specs up on her blog for would-be engineers to begin with. Just some of the things mentioned for inclusion are: DVR capabilities, MPEG-4 compression, a microSD slot, A/V out, and Bluetooth. In other words, Tanya Vlach will be insanely cool and kinda weird? I think this should be a go!

Very Expensive Book, WoW!

If you have an extra $115,00 CAN lying around you might want to pick up a copy of this book.

Expenisve Book at $100,000 USD

The velvet-and marble-bound book will go on public display next Tuesday.

It takes six months to make each book, using Italian artisan skills dating to the Renaissance. The copy on display was donated to the library but more than 20 books have been sold.

Cool RFID Toy

I am not really sure what this thing does but it sounds very cool.

Fun Mirror

Here is the product description:

Mir:ror is a simple and elegant device that connects to a computer. It recognizes the things you show it and performs the tasks you’ve assigned to them. Simply affix RFID Ztamps to your objects and they become interactive, content rich items. Examples of use are limitless: show your umbrella to a Mir:ror and it will give you weather forecasts; wave your keys on top of Mir:ror and it will send an email to your loved ones saying that you are back home safe; put your pill box on Mir:ror and it will recall you when you last took your medicine!

RFID technology is getting hotter everyday. Mir:ror is the first mass market RFID reader with a rich set of applications and services. It is designed to be so simple that a two year old child can use it. With this empowering, intuitive and revolutionary device, Violet is once more expanding “the Internet of Things”, bringing the magic and the power of content, personalization and interactivity to the thousands of inanimate objects that populate our lives and homes.

Take a whiz with that prosthetic penis

Here is a new twist on an old appendage!  wo men whose company sold a device known as the Whizzinator that helped men cheat on drug tests have pleaded guilty in federal court in Pittsburgh.

George Wills and Robert Catalano each pleaded guilty Monday to two conspiracy counts.

They owned the California-based Internet company Puck Technology.

The Whizzinator is a prosthetic penis that comes with a heating element and fake urine.

U.S. Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan’s office says the goal of it and another device called Number 1 was to help people pass drug tests.  The devices were sold from 2005 to 2008.

The California men are scheduled to be sentenced in February and face up to eight years in prison, a half-million-dollar fine or both.  I would rename this product as the pee-pee machine.