Cool RFID Toy

I am not really sure what this thing does but it sounds very cool.

Fun Mirror

Here is the product description:

Mir:ror is a simple and elegant device that connects to a computer. It recognizes the things you show it and performs the tasks you’ve assigned to them. Simply affix RFID Ztamps to your objects and they become interactive, content rich items. Examples of use are limitless: show your umbrella to a Mir:ror and it will give you weather forecasts; wave your keys on top of Mir:ror and it will send an email to your loved ones saying that you are back home safe; put your pill box on Mir:ror and it will recall you when you last took your medicine!

RFID technology is getting hotter everyday. Mir:ror is the first mass market RFID reader with a rich set of applications and services. It is designed to be so simple that a two year old child can use it. With this empowering, intuitive and revolutionary device, Violet is once more expanding “the Internet of Things”, bringing the magic and the power of content, personalization and interactivity to the thousands of inanimate objects that populate our lives and homes.