Justin Bieber Haircut

Big news today! Justine errr Justin Bieber got his hair cut! No more snazzy bob for the boy who is to become man.  But he still looks very pretty…too pretty.  He needs some facial hair or a scar, anything to make him look a little more manly!

Here are some reactions from his Twitter account:

• MeBeBecki: @justinbieber, those who unfollowed you because of your haircut obviously werent true fans. #riphairflip
• Alexislovesjb: Yeah, He got a haircut. #riphairflip but he still has talent! So stop being so immature about it and worry about something that matters!
• fikabieb: BIEBER ALERT. February 21th 2011 was an historical day, the world famous hairflip is gone, will miss @justinbieber ’s hairflip #RIPhairflip
• lovingmyjbieber: #riphairflip may always remember the flip that had lil girls panties tingeling and moms buying cocert tickets.
• iswaggalikebieb: my mom said @justinbieber looked hot with his new haircut hahatotally AGREE!Helooks hot and he will look hot even f he is bald. #riphairflip

Sniffle, he only has 7.5 million fans following him now on Twitter